VIVOTEK cctv Dubai : VIVOTEK established in Taiwan in 2000, has quickly grown into a prestigious leading brand in the security industry. Known for delivering world-class IP surveillance solutions, VIVOTEK’s CCTV products are future-proof and highly reliable, facilitating the transition from traditional CCTV to wholly digital IP surveillance. Its comprehensive product lineup includes network cameras, video servers, NVR, and central management software. Through more than 150 authorized distributors in over 80 countries, a broad array of the products are successfully deployed by security dealers, telecoms and system integrators for a variety of applications and projects such as banking, city surveillance, hotel, transportation, retail, and more.# Vivotek CCTV Dubai.


VIVOTEK CCTV Dubai (DOSTech) is an integrator for Vivotek IP cameras (network cameras). CCTV Dubai (DOSTech) recommends Vivotek cameras for high quality residential, commercial, and government video surveillance installations. They include a 32 channel central management software to get the most out of your Vivotek IP Cameras. Most Vivotek cameras are compatible for remote viewing using Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows mobile cell phones. Most Vivotek IP cameras are also compatible with our free iPhone app, iCamViewer.

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vivoteck-cameras-dubaiVIVOTEK CCTV DUBAI (DOStech) offers a comprehensive product lineup, including network cameras, video servers, video receivers, NVR, and central management software. Vivotek  HD cctv Solution is Hi-Def, High Definition CCTV surveillance solution which leverages on Vivotek IP network HD megapixel cameras.VIVOTEK IP Surveillance System is the digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV). In this system, a high-quality network camera based on open Internet Protocol (IP) standards records video footage and distributes the recorded content through an IP network. One of the key features of the IP Surveillance system is that it enables remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world. Other benefits include simplicity,high image quality, event management and intelligent video capabilities,scalability and flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Hardware: VIVOTEK CCTV DUBAI IP surveillance systems enable users to discard most of the outdated hardware such as time-lapse recorders, CCTV monitors, and switching units, and replace them with the powerful software-based NVRs and PC with Recording Software.

Scalability and flexibility: You can choose exactly what you need today, and additional cameras and capacities can be easily added when necessary tomorrow.

High Resolution and quality: High image quality allows for easier and better recognition when and where it’s necessary.

Intelligence: VIVOTEK CCTV DUBAI network cameras have the capacity for built-in video motion detection and alarm management. The camera decides when to send video, at what frame and resolution, and when to alert a specific operator. Audio detection and active tampering alarm can also be included.

Cost-effectiveness: VIVOTEK CCTV DUBAI’s Management and equipment costs are also lower since back-end applications and storage run on industry standard, open systems-based servers, not on proprietary hardware such as a DVR in the case of an analog CCTV system.

VIVOTEK CCTV DubaiVivotek cctv Dubai is an industry-leading provider of IP solutions. The selection of products in the Vivotek CCTV catalog are designed to be future proof and include Vivotek cameras, video management software, network video recorder servers, and video encoders. Vivotek cctv Dubai  also offers the iViewer app for the iPhone and iPad. iViewer allows users to view live streaming video from multiple cameras that are managed by the centralized video management software VAST or Vivotek’s free standard recording software. The iViewer app provides flexibility and enhanced security by allowing security administrators to monitor camera feeds in real time, even when they are away.

Samsung CCTV Dubai

Samsung SCB-5005 CCTV Camera Dubai

Samsung SCB-5005 CCTV Camera Dubai Samsung has redefined the analog market by introducing it’s new “Beyond” series, capturing quality images in 950TVL resolution.  The SCB-5005 belongs to the 1280H Beyond analog camera series that provides 1000TV lines resolution with user-friendly and value added functions such as True Day & Night, Wide Dynamic Range at 120dB,…


Samsung CCTV Dubai

Samsung SNB-5003 CCTV Dubai

Samsung SNB-5003 CCTV Dubai 1.3MP 720p HD Network Camera (130dB WDR) (100dB, 60fps @ 1280 x 1024, Multi-crop streaming, Simple Focus, Day & Night(Electrical) Mechanical Colour-Material : Black, Ivory / Aluminium, Plastic Dimensions WxHxD : 73.1 x 66.6 x 136.2mm (2.88″ x 2.62″ x 5.36″) Weight : 330g (0.73 lb) Operational Camera Title : Off…


Samsung CCTV Dubai

Samsung SNB-8000 CCTV Dubai

Samsung SNB-8000 CCTV Dubai Max. 5M (2592 x 1944) high resolution,20fps@5MP, P-iris, Simple focus,WDR (60dB),Up to 32 privacy masking zones,Tampering, Audio detection,micro SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slot,Bi-directional audio support, Built-in mic SNB-8000 Max. 5M (2592 x 1944) high resolution,20fps@5MP, P-iris, Simple focus,WDR (60dB)    Mechanical Colour-Material : Black, Ivory / Aluminium, Plastic Dimensions WxHxD : 73.1 x…


Samsung CCTV Dubai


SAMSUNG SNZ-6320 CCTV CAMERA Dubai       2Megapixel Full HD 32x Network Zoom Camera   • Max. 2M (1920 x 1080) resolution • 16 : 9 Full HD (1080p) resolution support • 4.44 ~ 142.6mm (32x) optical zoom, 16x digital zoom • H.264, MJPEG dual codec, Multiple streaming • Day & Night (ICR), WDR…